DataGuard is a basic password manager written in Python using the PyQt5 module. The program has been designed (and therefore looks best) on Linux Mint however, it should technically work on any operating system and I have sucessfully tested it on Windows 10. Currently it makes use of the Argon2 hashing algorithm to hash account passwords and other account information is encrypted using a key generated from the user's username and password at login. This method for generating a key could definitely be improved however, for local use, it is relatively secure.

To use the program you will need to have Python, pip and a few modules installed, installing Python and pip is OS specific so at some point I'll write a tutorial on it.

The pip command to install the required modules looks like this:
pip install pyqt5 passlib argon2_cffi cryptography

You can download a ZIP archive of the program below, you should extract this to a folder and run, DataGuard will place all its files in this folder.