Who am I?

I'm a university student in the UK currently studying for a bachelor's degree in computer science. I have a huge interest in computers, particularly Linux, website design and low-level programming.

Why the Website?

On this website I hope to share with you some of the random projects I get up to as well as the knowledge I gain along the way in the hopes that somebody may find it useful. Initially my intention is to create a series of Linux tutorials for absolute beginners. I see this as an increasingly important skill to have in the IT industry and I hope to create some reliable tutorials that are free from the bad practise that many others suffer from.

Will There be a Forum/Comments Section?

It is my intention, when I get around to it, to add both a forum and a comments section to this website. This will allow people to more easily ask questions. For now, if you are facing any problems following my tutorials you can contact me at contact@aidanwebster.uk. Please note: I will endeavour to respond to all emails I recieve however, depending on volume, I may not have the time for this. Commonly asked questions will result in an update to the original post with an explanation.

Does this Website use Cookies?

This website does not use cookies, this is to give you a more usable experience of the website without the need for one of those pesky cookie banners that the EU insists on every website having. This site does, however, run a restricted version of Google Analytics which is set to anonymise all user data and to not store cookies. No personal information is acquired and no data is stored on your computer. If, for some reason, you have a problem with your browser incrementing a number when you look at a page, you are free to leave this website at any time.